Letters and postcards

Telling a story that happened to you, sharing your impressions of a book you have read, commenting on the latest news or supporting with a few words on a postcard — all that is very important. Thanks to the letters, it is possible not only to express solidarity and destroy the information vacuum, but also to show the administration of the institution that the persons persecuted by the state are not forgotten and that their fate is being watched outside.

Censorship in most of Russian prisons does not allow letters in foreign languages, so it’s better to use online translation.

Postal address:

663600, Krasnoyarsk krai, Kansk, Kaitimskaya street, 122, SIZO-5, Uvarov Nikita Andreevich, 2005 year of birth.

Or use «ФСИН-письмо» online service.

Spreading information

The latest news in Russian is regularly published in the telegram channel about the «Kansk teenagers case», in the community on facebook and on this website. The case may be easier to search in european media as «Minecraft case».

Financial support

At the moment, the support of defendants to pay for the services of lawyers and parcels is possible in the following ways:

5536 9139 8147 4808 (Tinkoff bank, with caption «donation»)

Bitcoin-wallet: bc1qdpffwd9rwghfsr497fm0mf60jyf5exvsm27q7a
Ethereum address: 0x56CD03309E0607105F15bA3cd9896B010e0c1689

You can also provide financial support for the details of the ABC-Moscow, indicating the name of a specific person, or with caption «Kansk teenagers case», or in favor of ABC-Moscow as a whole:


YooMoney(Яндекс.Деньги): 410011258065987


Solidarity Campaign is a horizontal initiative, consisting of a few people. We are not a human rights organization and not a large community, so it is great if you have the resources to organize solidarity actions in your city, spread any information from this site and from other public sources to draw attention to the case, using the available information resources: from publications on social media to creating works of art.

If you’d like to share with us any pictures we would be happy to post that here. Mail to