The Military Court of Appeal upheld the verdict in the Kansk teenagers case (the «Minecraft case»)

On February 10, the 1st Eastern District Military Court sentenced 16-year-old Nikita Uvarov to 5 years in prison on charges of «training in terrorism». The case was fabricated by Russian law enforcement after Nikita and his friends were detained for posting leaflets criticizing the state and supporting political prisoners.

Two other defendants, who initially confessed, received suspended sentences.

During the appeal the defense demanded to cancel the verdict, and the prosecutor’s office, on the contrary, insisted on a longer sentence for Nikita Uvarov – up to 9 years in prison.

As a result, the initial sentence was upheld.

In the near future Nikita Uvarov will be sent to an educational colony – a prison colony for minors.

But you still have time to send a letter to Nikita in the pre-trial detention center. In addition, letters received after the departure of the addressee from the institution, in accordance with paragraph 57 of the penitentiary codex, should be redirected to a new place.

Address for letters to Nikita (Letters must be written in Russian!):
663600, Krasnoyarsk region, Kansk, ul. Kaytymskaya, 122, SIZO-5,
Uvarov Nikita Andreevich, year of birth 2005.